Again. I have rad friends. After a day of watching drifting yesterday, Masaharu felt sorry enough for me that he has donated a car. Jealous? Masaharu is a baller. Probably the best driver of thirty yesterday. He balances the fact that his speed makes other drivers crash, by putting out fires and fixing other people’s cars and he’s so enthusiastic […]

Times Two


No touge runs ATM in this area with the police cracking down hard, so Masaharu and I made the two hour trip to Motorland Mikawa for some drift running. Below zero temperatures and the upcoming event at Fuji meant attendance was pretty minimal. In fact he was the only 86. But his is interesting enough to satisfy most. It hasn’t […]

Mata Motorland Mikawa


Masaharu sent me this HORRIBLE video and details of his recent escapades. I played it in the background, enjoying only the first 30seconds mostly. It’s easy to forget how haggard and hard guys over there. And it’s easy to forget that although AE86 doesn’t dominate competition, it still dominates the streets. This rivet trend is OK I guess.  I probably […]

Team Tuna


It used to be the case that all the Japanese hachiroku drivers I knew, scoffed at anyone who needed forced induction or more displacement.  It seems that now more displacement is acceptable.  This is Masaharu’s response to hearing that I’m turbocharging my car.  Somewhere along the way I decided that I don’t like the Beams motor… I did consider a […]

Masaharu Beams