It was great to get out on the lake at least once this season. I don’t begrudge my absence from the weekend schools, the mid-week sessions, and the sold-out Ice Dice events. But I do notice it. Of course the fact that V and I have taken on the worlds biggest and best project (creating a universe incarnate) has influenced […]

I do and I don’t

In more ways than one of course.  What a decent car weekend, despite missing auto-x on Saturday.  Sunday morning was spent moving my exhaust.  It’s almost perfect now… the flaw being that it still isn’t quite centered on the bumper opening.  Making exhaust sucks.  I spent a lot of time trimming and grinding pieces of pipe so they fit together […]

I love Q-sha


Not that I’m a photographer of any kind.  You may have noticed it also appears randomly as the banner image.  It’s summer and we need another vehicle as the wife goes back to work.  I’m shopping… and would love another RN66.  This helps me stay motivated to be patient… and not buy a Ford Taurus.  Although a marroon kouki first gen Taurus is […]

The Best Picture I’ve Ever Taken