I can do this without being hateful or argumentative… but because you are my brother, I’m going to tell you like I see it.  If you are the common car enthusiast, you could be the greatest enemy to real hardcore motorsports enthusiasts and participants. This is partly because, we don’t give a crap how fast you can take a highway offramp in […]

Arguecat & Motorsports

[qr]GaraGe fits on this map, but you know it wasn’t I. What a piss off that they are not only in my front yard, but they are also driving my car. I have been known to say that if you race on the street, “death awaits you.” Well it may be that that death looks a helluva lot like a […]

You Know It Wasn’t Me

A stock AE86 is a car with an aftermarket LSD, coilovers, RCA’s, exhaust and intake, seats, steering wheel and baseball bat fenders. No one… I mean NO ONE wants to drive an AE86 that is truly stock, and NO ONE since 1997 has ever owned an AE86 that was truly unmodified. I thought ZN6/ZC6/FT86 would be slightly different, and it […]

86 Stock

Monkies Monkies Monkies Monkies Modern punctuation and grammar. Do you get it? You obviously get it. Yes, I know I use "..." inappropriately. Yes, I know globalism isn't in the dictionary... but you know exactly what I mean don't you? Or are you really so far OTB, that you sit there with your dictionary trying to tear this all apart word by word? Maybe you are... Move on... this isn't the place to learn English. The nice thing about our language, is that so often, we can just throw a bunch of words together, and the gist of it is still clear as can be. We don't have to write every word to make sentence clear. We don't even have to spell these words correct1y. It's nice that your passionate about letters and commas, it's nice that your a perfectionist... but really it's just some elitist ploy to keep those of us who are ...

QR Grammar

Hail to AE86 owners everywhere. Props to Dori-Kaze. I’ve been spoiled by what must be the greatest auto community in the whole world, and now I’m entering into what may be the worst. All-Trac forums make me ashamed of my new car. I’d probably have better luck finding shift linkage part numbers, or rear strut dimensions for ST185H on an […]

Kick It People Six

In my early years I identified drivers who were always on the edge and always assumed that they were brave or maybe stupid, and certainly destined to crash hard.  As time passed, I became witness to a number of “incidents” and even became one of those drivers that others assumed was always nearly out of control.  Recent query pushed me […]

Fast or Safe