In my early years I identified drivers who were always on the edge and always assumed that they were brave or maybe stupid, and certainly destined to crash hard.  As time passed, I became witness to a number of “incidents” and even became one of those drivers that others assumed was always nearly out of control.  Recent query pushed me […]

Fast or Safe

Cold weather hit and I find myself on the internet in the evening, as opposed to out in the barn… where I’ve actually been spending a lot of time lately, albeit mostly with other peoples cars.  My brief web browsing however, took me to a number of AE86 galleries where I could see… my OWN car.  At least that’s the […]

Just Being Rebellion

I’ve known for a while that I haven’t been entirely smart when selling things… but it seems like I’m not the only one whose known it.  I’m missing the scene hard. When it comes to selling stuff though… I actually haven’t done that poorly for myself, although there are certainly some examples where I practically have given stuff away for […]

My Foolishness

After our truck got broken into, I made the mistake of taking it into the local Speedy Glass. Speedy Glass Crowfoot and I have a pretty long history. And it’s been a postivie enough history. I’ve probably given them 2000$ in the past ten years… which I guess isn’t that notable, but aside from tire mounting, glass services are the […]

Don’t Let Someone Else Work On Your Car .

A new all-weather style. Maybe you think it’s nothing new, but for many of us who were raised on road racing, the quarter mile and Car and Driver magazine, often the only things worth getting really excited involve fiberglass body panels that scrape asphalt or tires with lots of negative camber and a tread that somebody drew on. That was […]

The Real Canadian Car Life