Something is loose on the front of the N14… which makes me sad. Feels like a wheel bearing. I need to learn a lot about this car. It has begun to grow on me though. The attention I received on the road the first few days of driving that car, seems to have been an anomaly. Either that… or I’m […]

Back Road Attack

This week sucked, and the weekend was the most tiring I’ve had in a while. F the internet flakes. Sunday night and I’m sitting at home waiting for another internet buyer (who I did a lot of work for). Karma? My 86 is still around. I have nothing to say about that, except that I had hoped it would go. […]

Too Much Car for Now

DawnThe new car is here. RHD is messed up... at least that's my initial impression. The car feels bent all crooked, and the wipers don't stop. I'll be relearning driving for a little bit, but I have no worries that I'll catch on. Many of my friends have been driving rhd cars for years now. There are a few disappointment with the car... that are probably a result of my hurried purchase. Nothing major yet. But everything is magnified due to the fact that this is a brand new car to me. Familiarity is valuable. Little things and gadgets that only experience can get you through will surely cause a few curses.[...]

It’s Here – RNN14

Not lonely, and not hachiroku driver. Yet, definitely, I will remain a 86 owner for at least a few more days. Yoshiko seems about as torn as me… and I’ve been flooded with emails and advice from various friends (mostly Japanese). Canadian 86 owners are more than fed up with me, I’m sure. I figure it’s the smart choice… trading […]

New Car ?? – Come out with it.