Gran Turismo Sport came out last month, and while I haven’t seriously played a video game in nearly five years, it looked far too good to pass up. It’s not without its downfalls, but in my mind, the complaints about the game that I have heard from others, are not the real issues. Yes there are WAY fewer cars available […]

Still A Kid I Guess

IMO the SCCA’s dealing with the FRS/BRZ twins in street class has been a bit of a cluster fuck. Optional TRD suspension packages that were supposedly port installed (although no one ever saw a case when they weren’t dealer installed) really messed up the perceived balance between the twins and created a lot of controversy. The optional parts almost certainly […]

More Changes…


Or maybe it’s just not fun when you get obliterated. My first Pro Solo was as painful of an event as I’ve ever experienced. It was in part yellow jerry cans being fed to cars, partly stop clocks spitting out the same times again and again, and part ass kicking. If you don’t know what Pro Solo is, think drag […]

It’s Only Fun When You Win

Packwood National Tour: yah I earned a trophy… but I got my ass kicked as well. As someone who has autocrossed a lot, but national toured not at all, my brief summary is this: wow what a freaking waste of time! I’m not sure how much I mean it though. Basically it comes down to 4.5 days spent away from […]

The High’s and Low’s of Racing


Yes it’s back.  There is a new engine in place, along with a race weight flywheel and six puck un-sprung clutch.  Beyond that… you should notice the gigantic 10″ wheels and 275’s are gone, in favour of some higher offset 9’s in the back (still shod with 275’s) and 8’s in the front with 225 rubber.  If you recall my […]



It’s sweet how the internet is changing.  I really want to start making videos…  Ryan and his son Adrian put this together.  Last auto-x I was joking to Andrew about making a time lapse movie of a day at auto-x.  It would have like 1000 frames of driving to and from the event, 1000 frames of standing around and waiting […]

The Real Wendover