I said in an earlier post that my WRX has on paper, one inch less head room than other model Impreza’s.  STI’s have different bucket seats, and wagons are taller.  This is the most comfortable stock car that I’ve ever owned, but my seating position does need to be adjusted somewhat when I put a helmet on.  It hasn’t been […]

Hella Flush – Plain Ass Seat Edition

drivers-rail-seat 5
If you’re looking for a “how-to” get disappointed.  If you have the tools then there is probably nothing I can show you.  Look at my welding getting better though… I think… for like 3″ at least. That’s the whole thing.  I made it out of 10 gauge bar and then boxed it for strength.  I don’t think I’d want to […]

Making Seat Rails

drivers-mount-inner 1
… I put the welder on it. I’m a tall guy.  Stock buckets in an AE86 are impossible for me now that I have decent standards, and any off the shelf seat mount always leaves me saying, “moar lower.” (you know I never say that)  After buying some Recaro LX’s, giving up on them, and now picking up some unknown […]

I Gave Up On Making My Car Nice When…

The hell does that mean really?  I’m tired of being called it. Drivers side Recaro is in.  I made sliders… they aren’t pretty, but they work.  I should photograph it… but when it’s minus 25 I don’t have motivation.  The seat is mounted LOW.  It couldn’t be any lower really.  When it’s all the way back, the bottom of the […]


woe noes
… on me I’ll understand. Things are SLOOOW in the garage.  It’s easy to find motivation for basic wrenching… but fab and welding… I can hardly get anything done in an hour time-slot, and that’s about all that I’ve been able to afford. But what I am working on is primarily getting the new Recaro’s in the car.  That has […]

If You Give Up…

As I mentioned, the headrests on my Recaro’s are wonking.  On one the headrest just flops up and down loosely in the seat back, and on the other one the headrest doesn’t move at all.  I found this pictures on a German forum with no clear description. Just silly though if it’s true. No updates otherwise.  My parts car needs […]

German Engineering on my car…

So… I grabbed a set of vintage Recaro LS seats on the weekend. They don’t have “gradation” fabric… of course. How lucky do you think I am? They are all black though, which is probably the next best thing. Condition is probably 7.5/10. Fabric and foam appear pretty good… but the headrests are somewhat FUBARed. They are bottom mount, which […]


Recaro-LX 1
Recaro-LX On the topic of seats, these are probably as hot as there is... Circa. 1984 Recaro LS with "gradation" fabric. These are not easy to come by in good condition, and these are probably not that. This set is currently listed on yahoo auctions japan for a reasonable price... but shipping just kills it all. There is also a similarly upholstered set of Recaro LX on eBay right now... although not in great condition at all [...]


Aerotex Brown 1
Aerotex ChiliAerotex Brown Does anyone else actually feel the same way as I do about Zenkei red seats? I hunted for a while trying to find a suitable replacement fabric. DeGreeve Auto Upholstery in Calgary managed to find me something good though. I should note... that auto upholstery places are the places to hit. Forget Fabric land or your grandma's upholstery store... they leave you feeling empty inside [...]


シート2 2
I hate to love the stock AE86 seats.  But I do.  Particularly red zenkei seats.  I’m not entirely sure where this love came from, but it is definitely a recent thing.  There was definitely a time when I thought the red interior that came in early AE86’s was gross and weird.  I remember when I wanted to look for a […]

Not Love Hate…