Heh look what is on Kijiji again. How many weeks has it been? I think about 8. It’s just as he says too: very good condition, perfect for winter, no damage… but some cars just suck no matter how they look on paper. This is even oddly tempting for me… it certainly was a fair sight in the garage, but […]

My Ex


Celica is gone, and barely missed at all.  I can think of no cars that make sense to purchase.  ZN6 is first in my mind, but I’m trying to be practical and wealthy, not happy and poor.  I have about 10 daily notifications subscribed to on Kijiji, and four enthusiast forums that I check daily.  It’s been a long desperate […]

Pieces Of This Dream Remain

I came back with a to do list… the car is fast and fun in corners, but very much out of line on the highway.  The power and torque are there, but due to my alignment and aggressive fitment is horribly unfriendly over bumps, uneven pavement and standing water.  This is the first time ever that I’m going to have […]

Emergency Landing

I used to get 20 or 30 spam comments a day… but I logged in today, after three or four weeks, and there were a measly four.  Even the bots know that my car life sucks.  I’ve been looking at this car with great frustration.  If you haven’t forgotten… I did sell it and have a buyer back out… TWICE.  […]

A Pulse?


Life with AE86 is full of company and motivation. ST185 is a little boring and uninspired. If there was snow on the ground 365 days a year it would be no contest, but in summer there isn’t much to do except appreciate 3SGTE output and a quiet/solid chassis. AE86 could keep me satisfied all winter long with an endless supply […]

Lonely In Here


Oh look who’s back. Although it never actually left anywhere except my mind. After twice taking deposits from individuals who’s eyes were bigger than their wallets I am vowing to change how I use deposits and selling cars forever. Deposits are for people who come to look at cars on Sunday evening when the banks are closed. Deposits are not […]