This can only mean one thing… and it’s not just the AE86. Both cars are gone. WTF is going on? A. My work makes me feel like a man. B. Two little girls are really nice to come home to. C. It’s almost mosquito season. D. Japan was really really awesome. WTF is going on? I miss the AE86 horribly. […]

Mark Un-Made


My ST185 has gone the way of Migs.  I.E. LEGENDARY.  The real question is… which came first: Hyper Rev Magazine or Migs AE86?  There sure as hell aren’t any Monroes in my AE86 magazines. Of all the struts that used to be available for ST185, it seems that only two are currently available.  The first is the “KYB New SR […]



Running hard on snow and gravel has taken it’s toll.  I’ve got two blown rear shocks and a really sloppy tie rod.  I guess that means it’s time to get started.  Problem is… nobody else drives Celica’s, and nobody makes Celica parts.  There are no rear strut replacements available… period.  Well… there might be one option.  I’m in pursuit. Did […]

Odd ball

When I look at my AE86 now, I wonder if it isn’t almost something called “done”.  Of course there is always more than can be done, but as the car currently serves little purpose for me, it seems somewhat meaningless.  For my own pleasure, I’d like to add a little bit to the engine, but that’s simple.  The Celica on […]

Loving You


I helped out at an SASC Winter Driving School yesterday.  Very good time.  I enjoy the challenge of 4WD, and the opportunity to reflect on driving by observing others.  These scratch marks were observed after I got out of the car on course to consider my line and technique.  Looks like I had good angle at least… The Celica is […]



She’s going to be deep into cars I think.  At least she teases me by looking at pictures of cars with me on Noriyaro or Speedhunters, and she loves to call out “tanoshii” while riding along.  Being a responsible dad, and living the car life of my past is a pretty serious contradiction though… Today was a simple drive out […]