I have heard anecdotes about arranged marriages that result in true love. I believe those stories. I do not mean to imply a belief that all arranged marriages can result in true love. I merely accept the idea that the act of loving can result in a feeling of love. I also accept that many arranged marriages likely result in […]

Leaving a Legacy

I get attached to cars, but I never thought I’d get attached to this thing. Our family wagon survived nearly three years of my abuse, my wife’s negligence and kids slamming doors, kicking seats, spilling ice cream and repeatedly cycling the windows up and down. Besides my beloved AE86, this was the longest I ever owned a car. Considering that […]



Subaru intake manifolds, crossover vacuum lines, and Canadian heat cycling means that working on my engine requires a very careful touch. Meet my fuel vapour sensor, who had an arm amputated by my fat left hand. At 11pm, with a running car required the next morning, cursing was heard. Plugging vacuum lines and trying to fool the ECU didn’t provide […]

Hacking Methods – 46


I hate how pretty much everything that happens here happens on ice… but that’s Canada I guess. Matt over at FixBroke showed up with these for his GF8 on the weekend. Pretty serious. Maybe the only reason I haven’t done this myself is because I don’t want to fight with inner tubes and UHMW liners… but Matt got by with […]

Nan – Demo Rubber + Bolts = X

Subaru is not Toyota. I have never owned an Alfa or a Lancia but having heard a little bit about life with either, I reckon that if you want the experience of a finicky/disgruntled car while still remaining a Japanese loyalist, you should buy a Subaru. I don’t feel like ours are ever going to leave us stranded, but damn […]

Always Breaking