This car is still around, but it’s been a battle. It’s embarrassing to say… but it hasn’t run well for almost three years: electric gremlins, inhaled slag, and failing OEM suspension components. As simply built as the car is, it’s actually a hard hard tune. Fall is definitely wrench time though. Maybe this SW11 will re-emerge in the spring… or […]

On The Road Again 2


Yes it’s back.  There is a new engine in place, along with a race weight flywheel and six puck un-sprung clutch.  Beyond that… you should notice the gigantic 10″ wheels and 275’s are gone, in favour of some higher offset 9’s in the back (still shod with 275’s) and 8’s in the front with 225 rubber.  If you recall my […]


yah.  There is a piece missing.  That pretty much confirms Mr. 3SGTE ate something he shouldn’t have.  The important detail of the compression test was cylinder 1 being about 60psi under 2-3-4.  Time for a new heart.  Shoaib at JDM Source has hooked us up with a complete ST205 3SGTE.  He’s pretty much awesome everytime I talk to him, and […]



It’s sweet how the internet is changing.  I really want to start making videos…  Ryan and his son Adrian put this together.  Last auto-x I was joking to Andrew about making a time lapse movie of a day at auto-x.  It would have like 1000 frames of driving to and from the event, 1000 frames of standing around and waiting […]

The Real Wendover

Ryan’s season has been awful… and now it might even be over. With plans to go south of the border often this year, a custom trailer was ordered from Rance Aluminum.  Custom… but it arrived two months later than promised, and even then, wasn’t exactly to the specs ordered.  Ryan would not recommend that you buy your trailer from Rance.  […]

Ryan’s Troubled Season