Ryan still hasn’t returned from his trip to the states, so I haven’t had time to be de-briefed in detail… but via a short conversation he did present something that may be a problem with his current set up.  It is typical for fast auto-x cars to run stupidly large rubber.  An auto-xer can get away with it more so […]

Work Boots or Sneakers

There is a lot to it, but Ryan got back from the Wendover Pro Solo with a broken car that may have let him down in more ways than one.  One of the things he was talking about was losing weight… and the acrylic hood on this AH Civic may have provided inspiration.  I don’t know about using it on […]

Plastic Body Parts


Ryan has left town with the SW11 in tow, and is headed for the Wendover Prosolo in Utah.  He’ll be up against Randy Chase and his SSM SW20.  If you don’t know Randy Chase… he’s kind of a big deal in the solo world… or at least he used to be. The data he can display in this video is […]



On Saturday, Ryan pulled the SW11 up to Edmonton for an ASA auto-x at Namao air base.  This isn’t a venue I’ve ever been able to drive.  I guess the three hour drive has been a deterrent, but in addition to that a background check is required in order to get security clearance to visit the base.  I feel like […]

An Airport


SWPull---20psiI told you a few weeks ago that Ryan hit Speedtech's show n' shine and threw his car up on the Dyno there. I also told you what numbers he made: here is the proof. The above pull was the last one... made with 20 pounds of boost. [...] And this was 18pounds if I remember correctly. At the time boost made was crystal clear... but now it's all hazy. [...]

Oh yeah…


We stopped at the Speedtech Show and Shine and Summer Sale yesterday.  Speedtech still does it best.  Great shop.  Toma was there with his dyno and we we strapped Ryan’s SW11 down for a few runs.  How does 300.9hp sound?  Pretty good to me. I really need to show you more of that car.