… and moving things to the hard drive. My shop is full of all sorts of home-brew contraptions: some of which were never useful, some of which fulfilled their purpose and now sit tucked in a corner waiting for future opportunity. Amongst that pile was an old splitter from my WRX. Although the car is now gone, I had saved […]

Cleaning Out The Garage…


Drivetrain mods are for max winning IMO. Nothing you can do to your car is more under rated in it’s impact on performance and drivability… particularly differential set up. AE86 was a very simple lesson in this. A stock [Canadian] AE86 with an open diff is basically no fun at all. Tall and soft, it teases you often by playing […]

No Humping. Straight Porking.

Having first read about this two years ago… there is no breaking news here. At the time of first reading though, the concept of shock valving was only vaguely meaningful to me, and I didn’t fully understand what I was reading. Car design is often about compromise. Want a great camber curve? Jack that roll center up. Want negative lift […]

Regressive Revolution


Aero drives me nuts. Yes there is science behind it, but the methods are often well beyond the means of joe blow racer. It seems like a lot of the time all that we can do is bite what others have done… but when aero parts all work together, biting bits and pieces isn’t necessarily a good idea. Yes it […]

Rocket Science

0 – Manual Main Menu 1 – General Info 2 – SOHC Engine 3 – DOHC Engine 4 – Transmission 5 – Chassis 7 – Wiring 8 – Car Information I’ve uploaded this manual for GDA owners who, “own an official Subaru Repair Manual”, and for people who don’t own a GDA, but want one so bad that they “own […]

Bugeye Repair Manual


I like cars, but before I liked cars I liked bicycles… and on bicycles, we didn’t count kilograms, we counted grams… and we often got quite carried away. I.E. running steel bolts on bicycle is like running steel wheels on your car. If you got beat to the finish line by someone who had a 115 gram seat post, you […]

Weight Savings Extreme!