I only subscribe to one magazine, and it’s an online subscription to Racecar Engineering.  They have a montly section called “Aerobytes” which usually looks at a Formula 1 car, or a Prototype, or home brew hill climb car.  I always find it quite interesting, but it’s seldom very practical to me.  This month I was wickedly surprised to turn the […]


Without really knowing very much about them I admit, I’ve always looked at Koenigsegg as a low tech, “big engine in a simple chassis” manufacturer. That might not be entirely wrong, but this video certainly changes my view of them. It’s pretty awesome to see this from a small manufacturer.

Not Just A Big Hammer

Viscous LSD’s have a pretty bad reputation among anyone who does real performance driving, but Subaru owners, who always have viscous centers and often rears are quick to point out that viscous LSD technology has evolved drastically in recent years.  So much so, that they are now standard equipment in lots of ultra-high performance applications (like the Bugatti Veyron). I […]

Viscous Clarification – When Reactive is Better Than Proactive??

I’m still not quite a Subaru guy, but I might be getting closer.  At the very least, a long history of rally makes for good porn.  Subaru is doing cool stuff in the present as well, even if they are no longer involved in WRC.  Check this 1.6L engine which may or may not find a home in the next […]

Bye Bye History

I’m thieving again.  Someone recently directed me to Edmunds Inside Line blog, and posts tagged Suspension Walkarounds.  I often hear people remark that cars like the AE86 and 510 handle as good as any modern machinery, and from some subjective point of views that might be true, but suspension designs and technology is evolving just like engine technology is.   […]

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