It’s almost fall, and to me that means prime wrenching season. After three quarters of a season of racing, and the end of mosquito season… motivations are never higher. When my car sits in the garage and doesn’t get driven, I forget how much I like it and start fantasizing about other cars. It’s not without flaws (the turbo being […]

A Night Call

Masaharu running at Motorland Mikawa. He’s no longer in his 4AG powered Sunny… but back in a naturally aspirated AE86. Love. I enjoyed this picture of his wrecked friends as well. They all wreck so often. At least that’s how I feel. It’s commonplace enough at least that trucks like this one are always on hand. Drift culture in Canada […]

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A new all-weather style. Maybe you think it’s nothing new, but for many of us who were raised on road racing, the quarter mile and Car and Driver magazine, often the only things worth getting really excited involve fiberglass body panels that scrape asphalt or tires with lots of negative camber and a tread that somebody drew on. That was […]

The Real Canadian Car Life

I haven:t been proof reading, and I:m making the same mistakes over again and again. I refuse to relearn typing for a Japanese keyboard layout. Rain yesterday. Masaharu calls sometime when we:re still sleeping to say, if it keeps up he has plans for us. It rains all day. The sun sets and it only rains harder… We pick up […]

A Night on the Kakegawa Touge

topmasaharuTried to run an all out car day yesterday, as a sort of escape. Went drifting at Motorland Mikawa with Masaharu and his old Sunny in the morning. The boro boro style at best. Left the gas cap 2hours behind in Hamamatsu. Left turns were sloshing gas all over the track... they punted us, and we couldn:t rig anything up to make the officials happy. 3500Y gets you one hour on the track... run as much as you want... small track... 2nd gear action, third gear if your ballsy... built just for drifting. Another 2000Y gets you your second hour [...]

Motorland Mikawa with Masaharu