There ain’t no electric motor. On the eve of Alberta’s new carbon tax, I bought a bigger, thirstier SUV than I thought I could ever want. Well maybe not quite… One could argue that an 80’s series Land Cruiser would be thirstier, and I could certainly want one of those. Still, this 2UZ powered, two and a half tonne, seven seater […]

My Take On Toyota Hauler

Toyota recently announced that in the near future, all of its new vehicles will have advanced semi-autonomous driving features like Automatic Emergency Braking, Lane Departure Alert, Automatic High Beams and adaptive cruise control. I have a fair of experience with similar features from other brands, and admit that for a car that I use every day to go to work, […]

Old Car Feels

We love Toyota. So much so that I named my youngest daughter after Toyota’s long running compact sports car, the Celica. Now Toyota has reciprocated, naming their most production ready concept from the Tokyo Motor show after my eldest daughter. We are honoured. And you thought I was just bullshitting when I told you that I my wife’s family was […]

Hinata Concept

Eighties ugliness?  Maybe… but isn’t this what every five year old wants?  Crazy angular line, pointy nose, pop-up headlights, weird vents and intakes.  Check out the green house.  This is a space ship.  If you don’t recognize it, you don’t play enough video games:  it’s the DOME ZERO. I once saw a set of ZERO wheels on yahoo auctions.  I […]

The Epitome of…

The idea of using a truck for auto-x is not THAT crazy.  After all… pretty much anything can be made “fast” with enough modifications.  The Tacoma X-Runner pictured here however… is totally stock… and it’s actually very competitive on the national level in HS versus a field of mostly Mini Coopers. It makes me wonder if the choice to run […]

How To Make Stock and Slow Interesting