This has actually been fun. I’ve learned a lot. It’s back together, and I’ll see if it runs shortly. You’ll notice I’m now using a large port head. I even kept TVIS. Not that it’s what I wanted… more because I cleaned my small port head with degreaser. It really didn’t like that, and now all the parts that need […]

Back in Black


bwah bwah bwah.  What does this mean?  I’m too bad ass and my car was too fast?  Or I just got boost obsessed? My fickleness is ruining me, or at least my impression.  Mind change like a million times.  In the end… I’m going to go with something I know I can do… rather than dive deep into another project […]



Everything actually looks well and good… which is actually NOT what I wanted to see.  I’m exploring a few options… the simplest of which is putting this on the shelf and running a 5valve motor.  The most complex is putting this on the shelf and abandoning 4AGE.  Refreshing this thing is somewhere in the middle… but certainly will offer me […]

Bad News

So I toyed with deluding you.  Telling you it’s all perfect… running out there with 200hp.  Tweaked and going strong…  BUT IT’S NOT.  Here is a cut and paste of an email I sent to a curious friend this morning. Maybe not dead, but definitely damaged.  Hard to tell why though… and part of me wonders if it wasn’t related […]

Tick Tock

Shake Down.  Got the car out on the road this afternoon.  I should have recorded the drive… because I was so elated it would have been a noteworthy video.  The car actually sounds turbo-charged.  Somehow I didn’t think it would be so pronounced given my low boost level.  Wrong.  AFR’s seem safely rich 9-10:1  WOT although I never let the […]

I’ll Get Tired Of This?


I think this picture looks good…for something to come off an iPhone… I might have to come make another camera purchase.  The doors on the barn have finally unfrozen (half at least) and I let the car sit and idle while I once overed all the bolts and tweaked the alignment in preparation for being out on the road this […]

Fancy Lights