AFM tuning. The car is all but road worthy after a solid afternoon in the barn. An alignment and a few other details remain, but the turbocharger is fitted in it’s entirety. You guys all tell me I’m going to blow up if I run the stock computer. You say that tinkering with the AFM and modifying the stock management […]

The Number 2 Reason Why My Car Is Going To ...

There isn’t really any content here.  This past week has been spent looking at details: things like gauge mounting, learning turbo plumbing, vacuum and engine lubrication… and why my first start attempt never actually started.  The downpipe is on and fitting good, although it took a 5 pound sledge to get a safe distance off the firewall, and Dave Coleman’s […]



When you have the right tools, nothing is really that hard.  Making a downpipe, is what I’ve dreaded the most since I started turbocharging the car.  Between the irregular shape of the turbo outlet, and the tight confines of the steering column and frame rail I was quite fearful of screwing up and wasting time and materials.  Hammer forming the […]

Downpipe Dekiru?


With Japan in the state that it’s in, my wife traded her summer trip home for a family trip to Seattle.  So I’ve been out of town for the last week and haven’t actually gotten anything done on the car.  I did get in a few minutes before leaving however, to finish off the turbine outlet flange.  As I said […]

Little Progress

Actually… this only took me about 20minutes to put together.  Anyone else would give you the obligatory close up shot of nice bead… but no way I’m embarrassing myself by doing that.  My fear of pinhole leaks necessitates multiple passes on occasion.  Meh.  It looks well enough from a distance, and will be fine once painted.  Not like I’m building […]

A Days Work


Yah.  Stuff’s here.  Now we’ll see if I can actually make anything out of it.  From the compressor outlet to the throttle body will be 2 inch, while the AFM into the compressor and the downpipe will be 2.5 inch.  I bought a tubing cutter this time, and am looking forward to not using a messy grinder! I think about […]

Tubes and Bends