I said in an earlier post that my WRX has on paper, one inch less head room than other model Impreza’s.  STI’s have different bucket seats, and wagons are taller.  This is the most comfortable stock car that I’ve ever owned, but my seating position does need to be adjusted somewhat when I put a helmet on.  It hasn’t been […]

Hella Flush – Plain Ass Seat Edition

Actually… this only took me about 20minutes to put together.  Anyone else would give you the obligatory close up shot of nice bead… but no way I’m embarrassing myself by doing that.  My fear of pinhole leaks necessitates multiple passes on occasion.  Meh.  It looks well enough from a distance, and will be fine once painted.  Not like I’m building […]

A Days Work

shakitto 2
This IS… the typical pose.  I love how my car sits in the barn.  And now it’s actually time to start putting it together.  The first step is complete.  The red engine bay is gone.  It seemed absurd at times, that I was doing all this work just to get rid of the red.  It was worth it.  Flat back […]


shakitto and gacchiri 4
Not really… or at least really slowly.  Step one of my winter plans was to get rid of the red in my engine bay.  It actually drives me kind of crazy.  So I started by stripping everything, with the intention of just giving it a good scrub and a coat of paint.  But then I noticed that some of the […]


boss1 4
Yeah.  Like this…  And I feel good about it.  The sleeve was made from a 2L Co-op brand water bottle.  It was a damn tight fit… but I pressed it over the top of the original sleeve and plastic welded them together before hitting it with a coat of wrinkle black.  Extended the wire for the horn button and… BAM!  On […]

At the Grocery Store…

longboss2 3
I was hoping that the “Long Boss” might be me… and not only my creation.  Not if I can’t weld any better than that though.  I can barely lay a straight bead on a nice flat steel joint.  I cannot lay a straight bead around a 2.5″ pipe. I like a close “handoru.”  Steering wheel quick releases are cool, but […]

Long Boss

drivers-rail-seat 5
If you’re looking for a “how-to” get disappointed.  If you have the tools then there is probably nothing I can show you.  Look at my welding getting better though… I think… for like 3″ at least. That’s the whole thing.  I made it out of 10 gauge bar and then boxed it for strength.  I don’t think I’d want to […]

Making Seat Rails

drivers-mount-inner 1
… I put the welder on it. I’m a tall guy.  Stock buckets in an AE86 are impossible for me now that I have decent standards, and any off the shelf seat mount always leaves me saying, “moar lower.” (you know I never say that)  After buying some Recaro LX’s, giving up on them, and now picking up some unknown […]

I Gave Up On Making My Car Nice When…

My Side
What is this horribly crude thing?  It’s a brace for the 35″ spare on Ryan’s YJ. The point being: welding practice. Welding is not hard.  This is the second thing that Ryan has welded.  The fourth that I have welded.  The results are pretty much identical.  Beads still aren’t amazing, but I think you’ll agree they are good enough.  This […]

Square Piping and Flat Bar

Nasty Welds
Nasty WeldsShame... seriously. I should have bought a welder a long time ago. Car life without a welder is like AE86 life without an LSD. I'm serious. Now I can sneer at all of you welder-less people and make comments about you that you can't and won't understand because... I'm better than you. Not really. Have you seen these beads? [...]

My First Welding Project