My new shoes are boring and grey, but somehow I like them. If no one ever noticed my car that would make me happy. Any attention is bad attention. If you think my car looks hotter than ever though, despite the boring wheels, you’d be right. It is. As a result of a recent revision to SCCA regulations, the FRS […]

Back in grey

The 5×100 wheel market is not destined for development. I expect that the ZN6/ZC6 will be dead by 2017, and if something replaces it, then like the new WRX it will likely be 5×114. I find the current 5×100 offerings quite boring, so I sketched up a modified version of my favourite wheel of all time. I’m doubtful producing such […]


If you are local you already know Orrin because he’s super fast and in attendance at basically every event. He is however, also a gigantic swindler. Somehow he convinces me to sell him some of my favourite wheels. Besides these Watanabe’s, he also has my old Tom’s Racing Dish in 5×100 (which he refuses to sell back to me no […]

The Fox

RPF1’s are actually AWESOME wheels… but I counted seven full sets out of forty something cars at auto-x on Sunday. There are only so many ways to keep a stock class car interesting, and I think this would be my first set of XR-4’s… Now to find some MKII’s… and a way for me to spend all my money on […]

And Then I Decided Not To Order RPF1’s

Well this update was going to wait until I had appropriately sized tires… but it’s past boring in here, and the tires are a couple weeks away at least. Andrew felt so bad about beating me at auto-x two weeks ago, that he decided to buy me some Toyo R1R’s in 235/40 17 so that I can try for revenge […]

No new car. New shoes.