RPF1’s are actually AWESOME wheels… but I counted seven full sets out of forty something cars at auto-x on Sunday. There are only so many ways to keep a stock class car interesting, and I think this would be my first set of XR-4’s… Now to find some MKII’s… and a way for me to spend all my money on […]

And Then I Decided Not To Order RPF1’s

Well this update was going to wait until I had appropriately sized tires… but it’s past boring in here, and the tires are a couple weeks away at least. Andrew felt so bad about beating me at auto-x two weeks ago, that he decided to buy me some Toyo R1R’s in 235/40 17 so that I can try for revenge […]

No new car. New shoes.

These arrived. If you need a refresh, they are Speedline Acropoli sized 15 6.5J +35 that I found on yahoo auction for a measely 8000円.  Lots of Subaru guys make claim that some 16’s won’t even clear 4 pot calipers, and when looking at my Watanabe’s, that might seem true. The Wat’s fit tight, with only a couple of mm […]

Tight Fit

When possible, I’ll always use hammer on weights.  I’ve balanced enough wheels to know that sticky/tape-on  weights are a serious PITA to take on and off, and always leave a nasty mess on your wheels.  It’s true that hammer on weights might leave scratches, but I’ll take that every time over a gooey mess that collects dirt, and doesn’t come […]

Bang On

David’s been reading here since the beginning, and this small chunk he put together for Road & Track is great encouragement.Β It’s amazing how much of my history has stuck with him.Β  Road & Track for their part, has done very well to evolve into more than just a car magazine.Β  Their website features content far more diverse than the paper […]

That’s My Name