My car is cared for and loved, but it has not necessarily had an easy life.  With a little more than 13000km on it now, it seems to only ever emerge from the garage for track events.  To and from these events, it sees no more than 3500rpm as I challenge myself to improve my gearbox work by keeping the […]

Buying In Bulk


I’m working on these 2GRFE headers for a friend. Some long equal length 700mm stepped primaries have been spec’ed, and given limited space there are a number of bends. When it came to checking my work, I was having a hard time measuring lengths. Using a tape measure gave a different result every time as I looked for a happy […]

Hacking Methods 47


Four years ago I made THIS dimple die out of steel plate and a big ass bolt and nut. It worked… but not well. Fourteen gauge sheet was enough to seriously mangle an M14 bolt… but I used it all over my AE86 and felt pretty good about it. Now, my tool collection is growing rapidly and I’ve retired my […]

Tools For Job


I HATE Phillips head screws and Phillips screwdrivers. If I have ever recently stripped a bolt or screw head, it was certainly a Phillips… or what I thought was a Phillips. Check this sweet article that Adam at revlimiter.net put together. Looks like I may have been doing it wrong all along.

Looks Like Maybe I Suck… Not Phillips


This chunk of wood got a lot of compliments, until people found out that it was wood. Truthfully, I felt just fine about it, until I had to tell people what it was: birch plywood. A mature individual recently approached me about buying the WRX. His words to me were something like, “I like what you’ve done with the car […]

Garage Hack Aero PT3