Subaru intake manifolds, crossover vacuum lines, and Canadian heat cycling means that working on my engine requires a very careful touch. Meet my fuel vapour sensor, who had an arm amputated by my fat left hand. At 11pm, with a running car required the next morning, cursing was heard. Plugging vacuum lines and trying to fool the ECU didn’t provide […]

Hacking Methods – 46


When it comes to turning wrenches, I swing hammers and throw F-bombs only when I’m lying under the car fighting seized bolts and wrestling with heavy components. Put my car on a well lit bench that I can sit beside, and you can walk my Grandma out there to sit beside me and do her word find puzzles. I’ll even […]

On The Bench

When possible, I’ll always use hammer on weights. I’ve balanced enough wheels to know that sticky/tape-on weights are a serious PITA to take on and off, and always leave a nasty mess on your wheels. It’s true that hammer on weights might leave scratches, but I’ll take that every time over a gooey mess that collects dirt, and doesn’t come […]

Bang On


I have some new parts. Long travel inverted Bilstein’s were the first item, and the only planned item, but I tend to buy more and more parts while waiting for others to arrive. I was going to stay legal for stock class, but it’s too easy to leave that behind. As I said, it started with the Bilsteins. The old […]

The Cycle of Waiting

I said in an earlier post that my WRX has on paper, one inch less head room than other model Impreza’s. STI’s have different bucket seats, and wagons are taller. This is the most comfortable stock car that I’ve ever owned, but my seating position does need to be adjusted somewhat when I put a helmet on. It hasn’t been […]

Hella Flush – Plain Ass Seat Edition