As I hinted at a couple weeks ago when writing about Ryan’s old SW20, I’ve bought in completely to the street class mentality. Part of me was afraid to do this because it seems so incredibly boring. The car stays plain. Tuning options are limited. I don’t get to go fast. As I’ve known all along though… the right wheels […]

All In For C-Street


These arrived. If you need a refresh, they are Speedline Acropoli sized 15 6.5J +35 that I found on yahoo auction for a measely 8000円. Lots of Subaru guys make claim that some 16’s won’t even clear 4 pot calipers, and when looking at my Watanabe’s, that might seem true. The Wat’s fit tight, with only a couple of mm […]

Tight Fit

Just bought these on Yahoo. Uninterested? I’ll admit that they are not my most interesting find, but unlike my other Speedlines (Preo-R’s), these are not “tuner” wheels, but real competition wheels. That’s not entirely relevant to me, except that it means that these are 15’s… 15’s that will clear my 4 pot brakes. Fifteens are cool because they provide me […]

More Shoes

Bridgestone LOG Fin’s anyone? I’m shopping hard for some winter shoes… and am constantly frustrated by what’s available.  No one on any message board even thinks of putting 16’s on their GD.  I want to step down to 15’s.  There’s also mad conflicting information about fitment issues with 4-pot brakes.  Some say that most 16″ wheels won’t even fit… others […]

It’s A Chop.


…It had better be a real banana, and not a penis in a yellow coat. I scored these on Yahoo. I know that Wats aren’t the original banana spoke wheel, but they are certainly the best. No one else makes a 6.0kg 16 8J wheel. No one else got spoke shapes and lip steps this right. I know these aren’t […]

If You’re Going To Eat Banana…


I’m getting lots of emails recently about buying things off Yahoo Auctions Japan, and they are starting to tax my patience and time.  I can’t advise you much better on condition of a particular item based on a written description much better than Babelfish, nor can I recommend an importer, but I can help you search and navigate.  If you […]

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