The wheel search isn’t going so well.  So much so, that I’ve almost decided to go with boring Enkei RP01’s again.  They’re good light, strong, affordable wheels but it’s pretty hard to love any car that sits on an ordinary five spoke.  It’s also pretty hard to find an upgrade for my Speedlines that isn’t already on the Subaru down […]


Buying goodies from Japan has been an expensive venture for the past few years.  But look at our dollar climb now.  The Canadian dollar is getting close to even with the Japanese yen, and I for one, am going berserk on Yahoo.  In fact, I’m sending my wife and kids there for three months just so they can pack and […]

Yahoo Alert.

I guess it’s just the way things spread, but ironically now that I’m distancing myself from the kyusha scene, I’m getting a lot of emails and comments about wheels.  Most people are looking to show me SSR MKII’s and Advan A3A’s, but occasionally some of them present me with something incredibly rare and cool. These Volk Racing 84C’s for example, […]

Show Me Your Lightning Bolt

Someone recently emailed me about these shoes found on yahoo auction: definitely the unicorn of kyusha wheels.  No idea what he paid, but I know what he could sell them for and who might buy them.  Rad stuff.  There is very little documentation on stuff this old (1981-1985ish), and of this variety very very few are still in existence.  In […]

A Life’s Work

I was pleasantly surprised today to learn that 2002 WRX had a factory option 17″ wheel package.  That means for me… that I can ditch my 16 6.5J wheels for some 17 7J wheels and gain a whole bunch of options as far as tires go.  Seventeens would probably also make me feel a little more manly and good looking […]