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Wost F@$$^#& Holid@y Ever

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010


This sucks.  I actually like our Jeep.…

My Ruined Week

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

brokenzj3bThe weather has been AWESOME. 10 degrees celsius in March is as much as we can ask for. I had so much planned for my AE86 this week. It’s been a slow time at work, midterms are done. My AE86 was practically going to be on the road again.

But freaking ZJ got jealous and demanded attention. Lots of attention. Jeeps are not really known for reliability… but mine has actually been pretty good. In the two years we’ve owned …


Monday, August 24th, 2009
Yellow on PurposeAs I said, the ZJ left us stranded on Saturday night. Last winter, on the coldest of days I had observed a charging problem. It seemed the alternator couldn't keep up with the heater, and defrost, and tunes and the like. It never left us anywhere, but when it gone down to -30 or so I was definitely weary. In the summer... it wasn't really something that I was keeping an eye on. I guess I knew that I had to do something about it before winter hit again, but it turns out I wouldn't get that far. And so... since ultimately I like our ZJ, I fixed it right.


Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

Co-drove at auto-x yesterday with Ryan in his SW11.  It’s nice to have actually been able to drive again… I didn’t REALLY manage to keep pace.  As I’ve said before, a half a second at auto-x is way OTB… and compared to Ryan I was that far back or further.  I’ll blame only a small chunk of that on the car… but only because it’s unfamiliar to me.  The car otherwise was spectacular.  It’s well balanced and forgiving.  The engine …

Don’t Let Someone Else Work On Your Car .

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

After our truck got broken into, I made the mistake of taking it into the local Speedy Glass.

Speedy Glass Crowfoot and I have a pretty long history. And it’s been a postivie enough history. I’ve probably given them 2000$ in the past ten years… which I guess isn’t that notable, but aside from tire mounting, glass services are the only services I have ever paid for on a vehicle.

That’s because I’ve worked at a few shops, and I’ve …

Top Of The World

Monday, May 25th, 2009
Coming down on Top of the WorldI'm missing our new camera hard. Ran "Top of the World" on Sunday with a small group that included Ryan and his monsterous YJ. Monsterous? Well... maybe not but it's certainly a capable rig. And even though it's running what most publications would call a smaller tire size (35"), it has a lot of advantages over stockish rigs on 31's. Out on trails and actually facing adversity... the ZJ has some major disadvantages over other more popular rig choices. Facing 2' drops and gigantic walls of dirt and mud, polyurethane bumpers seem like the dumbest idea ever. Especially when they are as long and as fat as those on the ZJ... even after my trimming. And clearance... whether a stock XJ or Toyota or Nissan would hit bottom as often as I did I don't know, but I hit it way to much for comforts sake. I was definitely glad for the armour I do have, and will certainly invest in some more. And the 318 that is so nice on the streets and highway... is pretty irrelevant on the trail.

Road Trip

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

Back in town.

I’ve learned a little more love for my ZJ… and a lot more hate for Crackheads.

Lastnight windows were smashed, cords ripped out of dashes, luggage rummaged… and our Camcorder and Ipod stolen. So much for all the pictures I had to share. Kamloops is seriously a dump town. Shops boarded up, gigantic chain restraunts staffed with top of the line High School drop-outs and filled with only 2 patrons… at 7pm on a Monday night. Furthermore… …