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I don’t get how stuff like this gets built in Japan. Obviously there is a lot I don’t know about engineering. Might be a rad drive in the end. The low road to Mikawa averages maybe 35km/h, and in the event of a quake is probably just as dangerous as the highway when thousands of tonnes of concrete loom overhead.

Magic Wangan


No touge runs ATM in this area with the police cracking down hard, so Masaharu and I made the two hour trip to Motorland Mikawa for some drift running. Below zero temperatures and the upcoming event at Fuji meant attendance was pretty minimal. In fact he was the only 86. But his is interesting enough to satisfy most. It hasn’t […]

Mata Motorland Mikawa

Without intention, I’ve been very exposed to Japanese dramas and media. An empty train station in the middle of the night is the perfect place to discover the last vampire or for a young man to meet a beautiful lady. This is not New York. Getting stabbed or shot is the last thing on my mind. It is here that […]

I Love The Subway


I came in with caution. Lots of guys talk about bringing there daily drivers out to rally-x. Lots of guys drive 100hp 2WD cars. Lots of people drive brand new Subaru’s. My experience is that stuff breaks. Prior to this event I had attended three rally-x events in two different cars… and replaced on those two cars, one clutch, two […]

Celica In Dirt


I’m replying the iPhone hard. It’s practically the only thing I’m taking to Japan. Seven hour lay-overs (a sure sign that I’m too poor for this) are only survivable because of iBooks and the iTunes store. And now I figured out how to FTP as well? Rock on. I’ll sit here for seven more hours and never talk to another […]

This Is A Test