When I started documenting my car life online, it was 1998. Geocities was boss of the internet and Slide Squad was a real thing, and Real Ultimate Power was clearly defined. It’s has now been 18 years, and I have doubled in age. For myself, lots has changed, but this website has been a constant I’m proud of. There was a period when, I did little more than reminisce about my younger car life: when this website was fresh and wrenching and driving was all that mattered. With a wife and kids now, car life has taken a back seat, but in the last two years I have found a means to revisit some of my younger experiences. Since 2014, car life dealings have been a large part of how I make my living, and I consider myself to be a sort of professional auto enthusiast.

I am an instructor/team lead for the Canadian branch of Ford Driving Skills for Life, as well as a winter driving and auto slalom instructor. My experience and familiarity with Japanese car culture, has allowed me to serve as an advisor and writer on related topics. In addition, I am a builder and caretaker of high end race cars, and am involved in local motorsports developments. In addition to this website, I look after kyushashoes.com, a site devoted to cataloguing and researching vintage automotive wheels.

This is my QuickR car life. My busted ass, family hauling, wife taxed and deprecated Canadian car life is a thing of the past.



...busy. Ryan and I took a few moments recently to re-count some of our car life history.  The objective was to tabulate the number of cars he had owned and in what order.  Figuring it all out, took looking back through the archives of this website, including the final pre-wordpress version which I have stuck on the shelf at http://old.qrgarage.ca.  For […]

So Dead In Here But…

No not the car. The website. It’s been almost 18 years. This website has been a part of me for… half my life. Gnarly. There is A LOT of history here. I can’t imagine ever giving it up, and I love it very much as is… at least in look and feel. On the back end however, it has become […]

Going Under The Knife


It’s winter… and I’m all out of green so spending time on the computer. Kyushashoes got a big update… and I’ve decided to make greatly expanding the database there my winter project. … along with re-vamping this deprecated old place.

One Down

It’s pretty quiet in here, but car life is busy. I recently discovered Instagram, and have enjoyed it as a an easy place to share images from my activities, with minimal dialogue, and none of the political bullshit that rules the rest of social media. Follow me HERE.

Elsewhere On The Interweb…

I get attached to cars, but I never thought I’d get attached to this thing. Our family wagon survived nearly three years of my abuse, my wife’s negligence and kids slamming doors, kicking seats, spilling ice cream and repeatedly cycling the windows up and down. Besides my beloved AE86, this was the longest I ever owned a car. Considering that […]



… But my car life website is the boring. The About page of this website has a line that reads, “This is someone else’s QuickR car life, and my busted ass family hauling, wife taxed and deprecated Canadian car life.” It’s something that I wrote a couple years ago, and something that oddly grows more true today. The problem is, […]

My Car Life Is Excite

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2 thoughts on “My Car Life Is Excite

  • Paul

    That’s good to hear, I wish I could have a car that I don’t want to work on.
    Every car I could see myself owning, my first thoughts are, cut this, weld that. And I already have a car that has pretty much taken over my life. For better or for worse, it never ends. at least even if my car may have a bit of internet celebrity, I am still completely anonymous even here in Calgary.