02.07.2015 – I sold the car in October 2014 after picking up my FRS, but Andrew has since recovered it.  His vision is somewhat different than mine though, so between mending various injuries and adding his own flare, the car transforms.

Lame how I can’t leave well enough alone.  Once raped, always a whore.  It was supposed to stay stock, or at the worst an ultra light tune.  It is now the least street able car I have ever tried to street… and it’s all because I was super randy when she was at her most vulnerable.  Taking a 3000lb AWD car with 300hp, big scrub radius, welded diff, ultra light flywheel, heavy clutch and no power steering for groceries, is like taking a girl with beads in her ass out to Olive Garden.

Not that the car looks particularly hard tune, or really is even, but I’ve hit it where it counts.  At least it drives on ice better than anything else I’ve ever driven… and I’ve driven a LOT of cars on ice.

Plan is to pull the beads out and take her to Church.

Specifications of the Machine


  • Shimmed GDB Ver.8 Aluminum LCA
  • CNC 6061 T6 Gacchiri Support
  • Whiteline 24mm Rear Bar
  • Ver.8 Springs minus 0.5
  • Ohlins DFV with 7/5kg/mm springs (summer)
  • Ver 7 STI struts/springs
  • Group N Mounts
  • Camber Bolts (-2.5 degrees all round)
  • Manual Steering
  • Polybushes


  • Cobb AccessPORT Stage2 Tune
  • Catless Up-pipe
  • 3″ Bellmouth Downpipe


  • Group N mounts
  • Minus Rear Differential
  • Helical Front Differential
  • Aluminum Flywheel
  • Exedy disc and plate


  • Momo Mod 07 Wheel
  • Fondue’d [QR]GaraGe Omoi  Knob
  • Ver.7 Gauge Cluster
  • [QR]GaraGe Extra Tall Short Shifter!


  • Prodrive V1 Lip
  • Mangled Natural Composites Splitter
  • Foglight Covers
  • De-skirted
  • Goofy luggage rack with dead coyotes  inside


  • Goodridge Lines
  • Ver.6 Calipers
  • Hawk HP+ Pads


  • AC Delete
  • Misc. SPT Bling
  • Odyssey PC925
  • Running Weight 1330kg 58/42%


  • Speedline Preo-R 16 7J +48
  • Watanabe F8 16 8J +35
  • Enkei NT-03M 17 8J +48
  • Speedline Acropoli Magnesium 15 6.5J +35
  • Speedline Acropoli 16 7J +48
  • Superlative Dish 17 8J+35

I am slow to get things done. Things happen pretty fast in my mind – but am much slower getting them on paper, let alone tangible incarnations. The WRX has been sitting since May, and nice weather isn’t the real reason. I am reluctant to make a second attempt at a JDM motor, because this time around the turbo & […]

Shi no Senkoku


… and moving things to the hard drive. My shop is full of all sorts of home-brew contraptions: some of which were never useful, some of which fulfilled their purpose and now sit tucked in a corner waiting for future opportunity. Amongst that pile was an old splitter from my WRX. Although the car is now gone, I had saved […]

Cleaning Out The Garage…

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Shatter Proof

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Still The One

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2 thoughts on “United?

  • Q

    Eventually, but only in monochrome. The FRS is a grandpa who thinks flat sister is lewd and inappropriate.

    I have been buying Grandpa new plaid stockings and fancy shoelaces though.