AH Civic

The 3G… ultimate lightweight. Here is a car that weighed around 1800lbs with full interior, race rubber and a heavy autopower roll cage. Dream on 86. This is the car that Ryan and I bought in the fall of 02 after selling our tin can FSP AE86 coupe. Coming from the VCMC, this was a car that had won CSP two years prior, as well as had success on the SCCA National Tour.

It was the first time that Ryan and I spend any serious time in an FF car. It was at first very challenging, but later became quite commonplace and uninspiring despite the fact that it was a consistent local FTD car. For this reason, the car was sold at the seasons end. Still… it remains a car that I love and miss. Never did a 3G Civic look so good. And despite the fact that we only put a few parts on it, we likely spent more hours tuning and tweaking than we did on the previous Corolla.

Specifications of the Machine

attributes-ah FOOTWORK

  • Custom Koni Adj.
  • Rr GC with 350lb/in
  • 27mm Torsion bars
  • 1G Integra front bar
  • Poly bushings
  • Adjustable rear bar
  • Lightspeed Panhard
  • Lightspeed C/C Plates


  • DC Sports 4-1 Header
  • 2.25″ exhaust
  • 12:1 Pistons
  • Regrind Cam
  • MSD 6AL
  • Weber DCOE 40 Carbs
  • Balance 0.04 overbore


  • HKS Flywheel
  • ACT Clutch
  • Mugen LSD


  • Momo 320mm
  • Kirkey Aluminum Bucket
  • Autopower Roll Cage


  • 13×8 Dura-lite 3-piece
  • 235/45 Kumho V700


  • Relocated Genisis Battery
  • Goodridge Brake Lines


StubbyCNAC 2003 was our first taste of real driving competition. Up to that point, I had been doing local auto-x for three years, and Ryan maybe six. I say real competition, because, the local events were always really friendly. Sure, we all wanted to win, but we were all nice and friendly about it. That changed with a national championship on the line. Not that everyone threw such things out the window... Darryl Jones, and Chris Chu were two fellow CSP drivers who we figured would be our biggest challenges. Darryl was from Red Deer, and we'd seen him from time to time in past years at local events in his FB RX7. Chris brought his ITB equipped NA6 Miata from Vancouver where he was the dominant fendered car. A number of other [...]

Cheating at CNAC 2003

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