This car is proof that it takes a lot to make a Miata slow. Results say this car was fast and most couldn’t believe I sold it so quickly. Truth is, I didn’t consider the car well setup at all and the lack of power was going to prove very expensive to remedy.

The suspension was comprised of soft street springs and koni stocks resting on the bumpstops. The Viscous LSD in the car seemed useless to me and one wheel spin was a constant issue. Getting power out of the car meant supercharging and supercharging meant ~$4000. Really, as fast as the car proved locally, there wasn’t an aspect of the car’s setup that I didn’t want to change. So why keep it?

All that being said, I loved the roadster on the street. Top down in summer is extremely addicting and this was a very fun car to cruise around in. Still though, of all the cars I have raced, I could not bear the thought of competing in this one for another season the most and I didn’t buy it for the street. I’m sure there are many competitors that would enjoy this car and I hope I sold it to one of those people. I got a good deal when I purchased the car (thanks Reijo) and I passed it on. -R

Specifications of the Machine


  • Springs: ST Street
  • Dampers: Koni Yellows
  • Sway Bars: ST
  • F. STB: Flying Miata
  • Misc Chassis Braces


  • LSD: OEM Viscous


  • Voodoo knob
  • Custom 4pt welded rollbar


  • 15×6.5nbsp; BBS 3pc mesh
  • 13×7.5 +32 Panasport C8
  • 215/50 13 V700 Ecsta


  • no power

Six Calgary Sports Car Club members and near twenty Vancouver competitors made the trip down to the Seattle area for the SCCA Bremerton National Tour event. The event consisted of a Test 'N Tune on Friday afternoon then two days of competition on Saturday and Sunday. For the Calgary contingent, we (at least me) were not exactly going down to bring home some hardware. The trip was for experience and to witness the level of competition and event organization the SCCA could bring. We were not dissapointed on either count. [...]

Bremerton in the NA6CE

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