Original AE86

Hard for me to believe that I’ve owned eight 86’s since this one… This was my second car, purchased after my first 86 died of cancer. I ran it by myself at the auto-x for one year before I met Ryan and sold half of it to him. This was 2000, and very few people drove or even had any interest in the 86. What is in my opinion, now a very ghetto and moderate tune car, was at the time one of the nicer Corolla’s around. People used to drop by my house to see it… I was quite proud.

But really… something about that car wasn’t right. It was sick fast through the cones, and often a contender for FTD. There was not even one event where it did not place 1-2 in FSP, and this was back when FSP was one of the largest local classes. The car worked… but we had put it together with almost no money, and it showed. The paint, was a home job complete with major runs and orange peel, our lightweight hood was a chopped up stock hood… 20lbs lighter, but rattled horribly and could cut fingers off if you weren’t careful. There was no interior, not even a heater, and gross kirkey seat sure didn’t make driving comfortable.

Specifications of the Machine

attributes-koukicoupe FOOTWORK

  • Springs: 500/350 lb/in
  • Dampers: TRD SS 8way
  • Sway Bars F/R: stock/na
  • Panhard: QRGaraGe
  • RCA: RS86 30mm
  • C. Plates: na
  • F. STB: Cusco
  • Control Arms: QRGaraGe


  • Header: Toysport 4-2-1
  • Catback: 2″ w/ Carbon Muffler


  • LSD: KAAZ 2-way


  • 13 6.5J +12 / 7J +10 Dunlop TE-E
  • 215/50 13 V700 Ecsta


  • Seat: Kirkey
  • Wheel: Grant Other
  • Lightweight Battery


  • Quick Release Bumpers
  • Lightweight Hood


I’ve been thinking fondly of old times. A decade ago people were making the 3 hour commute from Edmonton to Calgary, just to SPECTATE at auto-x events. These events happened most frequently on week nights, and I went to all that did because it was better than coming home from work and watching TV. Weekend events suck. If I’m not […]



I found these recently FS on a nihon-go AE86 BBS: complete front struts for N2 AE86 with part numbers: 48510-AE821 and 48520-AE821.  The seller wanted an absurd price for them: quite a large percentage of their price new from TRD, which he claimed was 175000円 back in the day.  I guess that seems reasonable enough.  But what is most significant for me… is […]

Rare Find

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