Grainy.  Distributor relocation or DLI kits are typically the most expensive or hack part of 20V swaps… and from the engine’s standpoint this is neither.  It sure is hack from the chassis point of view… but I’ve already cut and welded and braced my chassis so much that this seemed entirely trivial.  Total cost was like $7 worth of sheet […]

20V Auxillaries PT@ – Ignition

Just a quick drop to say it runs and it’s awesome.  There are still some bugs to sort out (fault 21 and 33) as well as a few details to look after (oil cooler lines, vacuum mess and finalizing the wiring harness), but I’m damn happy.  I actually got it all put back together yesterday, and then suffered a few […]


I’ve seen a couple wiring how-to’s for swapping 20V into AE86. They may or may not be useful for others, but given the modified state of my harness when I got it, as well as my swap from AE101 to AE111 ECU, I have found them all lacking in some form. As I result I’m forced to figure a lot […]

20V Swap Wiring Reference


Little things are getting done, but I’m still waiting for a few critical pieces: MAP and AIT sensors… as well as an ECU.  The mechanical bits are largely in place though.  You’ll notice the coil mounted on the bulkhead, distributor tucked in a nice box, a header peaking over the valve cover and of course some open stacks.  If you’re […]

Progress Report


The whole personality of my car has changed. I’m basically sick of wrenching and not driving. Elegance and common methods be damned. If this car turns out looking like OG Nishida’s… then I won’t be sad. I really do plan on having something new in the near future. Lots of guys convert to 16V water pumps when swapping 20V 4AG […]

20V Auxilaries PT! – Cooling

20V swap is well underway, and probably could have even been completed by now if vendors could actually ship on time, or reliably.  20V swaps can be expensive, I could have easily spent another $3000 on top of the cost of the engine just to get things modified for RWD orientation.  I’m spending much less, but the engine is still […]

In Progress