D Garage OG Red Spec AE86 and a discontinued heroV8Less SCC - For myself, the V8-less Urban Battle was an opportunity to try my hand at drifting, something I've only ever thought about doing, and never really tried. The challenge included a car show, drag races, auto-x, and by invitation, exhibition drift competition. Nothing in the past few years has taught me more about driving. Rage2 at Beyond was generous enough to organize a couple of practice events for those of us unfamiliar with drifting the car. I had considerable difficulty at first controlling the car. I often spun out mid-corner, or was forced to hand-brake to get the car to rotate on entry. With help from others, I learned a lot about how to gently work the car. I often braked too hard causing understeer, turned in too sharply, or simply entered too fast. [...]

V8-less SCC Champion – Sort Of