No touge runs ATM in this area with the police cracking down hard, so Masaharu and I made the two hour trip to Motorland Mikawa for some drift running. Below zero temperatures and the upcoming event at Fuji meant attendance was pretty minimal. In fact he was the only 86. But his is interesting enough to satisfy most. It hasn’t […]

Mata Motorland Mikawa

I dunno… not that I’m really complaining.  I’m so far out of drifting that my feedback has practically ZERO value.  But I checked out what was planned for this year… thought I might try and make a couple practices.  It’s true that week nights might work a little better for me than weekends… but 2011 prices are slated to be […]

It is too expensive.

This video may be a shocker for auto-x guy. Drift guy has already seen it… it’s kind of a tough watch. Five years ago 25% of those cars would’ve been AE86… eight years ago like half of them. No one drives AE86 anymore. Did you notice? There are as many AE86 in that video as there are Odyssey Trucks. I’m […]

AE86 is Dead