If you’re looking for a “how-to” get disappointed.  If you have the tools then there is probably nothing I can show you.  Look at my welding getting better though… I think… for like 3″ at least. That’s the whole thing.  I made it out of 10 gauge bar and then boxed it for strength.  I don’t think I’d want to […]

Making Seat Rails


… I put the welder on it. I’m a tall guy.  Stock buckets in an AE86 are impossible for me now that I have decent standards, and any off the shelf seat mount always leaves me saying, “moar lower.” (you know I never say that)  After buying some Recaro LX’s, giving up on them, and now picking up some unknown […]

I Gave Up On Making My Car Nice When…

What is this horribly crude thing?  It’s a brace for the 35″ spare on Ryan’s YJ. The point being: welding practice. Welding is not hard.  This is the second thing that Ryan has welded.  The fourth that I have welded.  The results are pretty much identical.  Beads still aren’t amazing, but I think you’ll agree they are good enough.  This […]

Square Piping and Flat Bar

Nasty WeldsShame... seriously. I should have bought a welder a long time ago. Car life without a welder is like AE86 life without an LSD. I'm serious. Now I can sneer at all of you welder-less people and make comments about you that you can't and won't understand because... I'm better than you. Not really. Have you seen these beads? [...]

My First Welding Project

For all the times I said to myself, “if only I had a welder…” I’m suprised it took me ten years to buy one.  I was replacing some bushings in the ZJ’s transfer case linkage, and getting really frustrated with Jeep’s use of a bolts and loose nuts in really awkard places when I realized a simple solution… This is […]

FrY Your eGGs with butter, not Oil

Started wrenching on the AW again. I like that car. It’s starting to look good… for an AW. I’ll tell you a secret… maybe you already know it… actually… I think everybody knows it, they just don’t realize it. Any car can look good with the right wheels. Actually… I should change that… any car can look good with the […]

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