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Racing-Hart-767-15-65J 14 14Another very rare wheel, which I actually spotted for the first time this week. Now... I know very very little about Hart Wheels... but am slowly learning that they did more than make wheels that everyone wanted for their Honda's in the late 90's. The Dish style may not be for everyone, but I'm seriously into these. Availability: Very Rare Cost: Mid Observed Sizes: 15 6.5J +14

Hart Racing Hart 767


I saw this video a long time ago… and actually spent some time searching for it recently. I failed to find it… but was lucky that someone else didn’t. Robbie Nishida used to be so awesome… but Mr. Takahashi always will be. All allegations aside, HEY MAN is one of my favorite drift “teams” of all time.

Real OG Status


Hayashi-Bomber-14-65J-7No Disrespect... and it's not the reason I recently sold my MKII's. 100% of kyusha drifters and wannabe drifters know the MKII. MKII's, though rare in Canada are actually a dime a dozen to me... even in 8J 0. I told you when I bought those wheels that I wasn't entirely excited about it. I was simply lured by a silly cheap price that happened as a result of a poorly categorized auction. And then I was horribly disappointed to find the tires I wanted were no longer available in 14". Not that that stopped me from buying another set of 14's. 15's and maybe even 16's are still in hunting. But yes... I've stepped in down a notch in size. I have zero regret right now. Spacers will do work in the rear, and I have something else planned for the front where spacers really mess up scrub radius.



The hell does that mean really?  I’m tired of being called it. Drivers side Recaro is in.  I made sliders… they aren’t pretty, but they work.  I should photograph it… but when it’s minus 25 I don’t have motivation.  The seat is mounted LOW.  It couldn’t be any lower really.  When it’s all the way back, the bottom of the […]