Claddings 3

1. I picked up AE92 skirts like 5 years ago. They suck. Trimming around your door looks wrong, and they are SHALLOW.

2. AE86 skirts are $$.

3. AW11 skirts aren’t that easy to come by, but they are a lot more likely to run into than AE86 stuff, and they are cheap. That is what’s pictured here. I’m not entirely sold though. Painting them black would probably help me decide.

AW11 Skirts

I can’t wait for my SSR’s.

More than that though… I can’t wait for my next next shipment.

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3 thoughts on “Claddings

  • randedge

    I know AW11 sideskirts when I see one, and that is not the complete AW11 skirt, is it? Those are two front ends, frankensteined together, right? I know this because AW11 skirts have the very unique (and easily breakable) rear quarter piece that weighs tonnes.