Long Boss 3

longboss1I was hoping that the “Long Boss” might be me… and not only my creation.  Not if I can’t weld any better than that though.  I can barely lay a straight bead on a nice flat steel joint.  I cannot lay a straight bead around a 2.5″ pipe.

I like a close “handoru.”  Steering wheel quick releases are cool, but they just do not mesh with  a beautiful, soft, all leather Italian steering wheel.  Neither really… does a billet aluminum spacer.  But even if it did… could I really justify spending $70 on one when I can make something myself out of scrap lying around the garage?

The answer is yes.  Yes I could justify spending $70… because anything I buy for $70 looks a helluva lot better than this piece of junk.  Meh.  I obviously need the practice though.  That’s got to be worth something.

And as much as this thing might be the perfect ワビサビ piece for my car, I don’t think it’s finished.  First… because if that’s what my bead looks like, I feel like I should re-inforce things further.  Surprise Steering Separation is not a feature I want on my car.  Second… the whole reason I didn’t put on a quick release is because I wanted it to look somewhat “normal”.  I need to find something new to cover it with.  The original vinyl piece is of course… too short now.

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3 thoughts on “Long Boss

  • JP

    Couldn’t you get some kind of semi-flexible plastic and bend it around the outside of the top and bottom and figure out a way to fasten it? so it would just look like a solid cylinder? maybe that’s not the look you’re going for?

    and its better welding than i could do!

  • Q

    Yah… I worry about anything that’s not already round… just because over time it might come apart or end up… not round. Which maybe isn’t that important. BUT… I have this wicked 1.5L アサヒ Beer can that is coincidentally the perfect diameter. Not the look I want… at least… I don’t think it is… but would probably be bad ass. Second… a 500ml Yogurt container is also the perfect diameter… just a couple cm short. I wonder about going to the grocery store at looking for something that comes in a container the exact right size. That might be easy… and a helluva lot more delicious than spending $20 on a chunk of 3.5″ PVC. After I eat my snack I could just whip out some textured paint and voila.