cracked4bwah bwah bwah.  What does this mean?  I’m too bad ass and my car was too fast?  Or I just got boost obsessed?

My fickleness is ruining me, or at least my impression.  Mind change like a million times.  In the end… I’m going to go with something I know I can do… rather than dive deep into another project I might not get out of.  I’ll put it all back together with affordable ebay parts, tone the compression ratio down a notch, run megasquirt and find an intercooler.  Easy.

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5 thoughts on “OIC

  • Stan

    PS: For every 1psi of boost, you need to turn back the timing 1 degree to a maximum of 10 degrees. If you didn’t retard the timing and added 5psi of boost, that’s what broke the ring land. Replace the piston and try again. Retard the timing on the distributor 5 degrees.

  • Edgar H

    Definitely enjoying this blog. Gave me a heads-up for a similar build i’m doing on my Charmant. Gotta ask you something, do you know if ALL the HKS copy cast manifolds come with gasket, bolts and stuff? Saw one in Ebay where the pic didn’t show any of these, just the manifold. I just think that they must come from one manufacturer and no matter who you buy it from, it should come with all of those. Oh and silly as this may sound, the bolt holes where the turbo sits on the manifold are threaded right? Can’t really tell from the pics on Ebay. *cheers*

  • Q

    Edgar. Rad website. Serious. You get a link.

    No gaskets or hardware with my manifold. And yes… the holes of which you speak are threaded… but a real PITA to use. There is not much room above them because of the turbine housing.