In Progress

legsspread20V swap is well underway, and probably could have even been completed by now if vendors could actually ship on time, or reliably.  20V swaps can be expensive, I could have easily spent another $3000 on top of the cost of the engine just to get things modified for RWD orientation.  I’m spending much less, but the engine is still only a small chunk of the total expense.

-20V engine with harness $500
-Hasselgren clone header $550
-Sam Engineering rear coolant bypass and block off plates $200
-75mm Velocity stacks $205
-AE111 ECU $170
-[qr]GaraGe modded AE86 water pump and water outlet pipe with bypass $60

Not cheap at all, and unless I’m making my own stacks or modifying an existing header, I don’t really think there is anyway to do it for less.  No wonder I tried the turbo route first.  WAY cheaper… and I have yet to purchase a Toyota MAP and AIT sensor, although those two items should pretty much cover it.

underhoodBut what about the ignition?  Accomodating the rear mounted distributor on 20V’s is usually the most expensive part of the swap, but for me it’s one of the cheapest.  I’m going to mod/box a chunk of my firewall so that it fits in the original position.  Relocation kits are expensive and affordable DIY set ups seem hack.  If I’m going to hack, I might as well hack something else so that the finish product runs as Toyota intended.

Feels really good lift to the hood and see a bare engine… void of turbo’s and inlet pipes etc etc.  I’m quite excited.

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