Mata Motorland Mikawa 5

20111223-174121.jpgNo touge runs ATM in this area with the police cracking down hard, so Masaharu and I made the two hour trip to Motorland Mikawa for some drift running. Below zero temperatures and the upcoming event at Fuji meant attendance was pretty minimal. In fact he was the only 86.
But his is interesting enough to satisfy most. It hasn’t passed the Shaken for sometime and it almost certainly never will again now. I have my own definition of what boroi means and this has lapsed far beyond that. It’s all straight underneath, but dents and zip ties dominate the exterior. Under the hood is a Beams 3sge using AE111 throttles and a mislead ECU. It barfs smoke out both ends like crazy when cold, but somehow manages to smoke rubber in 5th gear. Dampers are ultra high dollar inverted Bilstein stuff and wheels are an amazing three full sets of TE37 Gravels (glad I didn’t have to bite my tongue about TE37V’s) with an assortment of tires. The parts that make up the whole suggest that money is not the reason for the cars dangerous looking construction.

20111224-082554.jpgAs for the skill of Japanese drifters… Seven years ago the worst of Japan were better than 99% of those in Canada who called themselves drifters. That is not the case now. This is still the motherland, and even in this small town there are Gaijin who have come to hone skills, but the worst of Japan are no longer a spectacle…

Unless oversize bumpers and flashy vinyl is your thing.

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