My Ex


Heh look what is on Kijiji again.  How many weeks has it been? I think about 8.  It’s just as he says too: very good condition, perfect for winter, no damage… but some cars just suck no matter how they look on paper.  This is even oddly tempting for me… it certainly was a fair sight in the garage, but I’d rather look at it than drive it.

Someone tried to downplay my Subaru love recently.  They called it a boring sedan… which I suppose from certain perspectives it is, but there are things about my WRX that feel so right relative to other cars I’ve tried.  Already I compare it to the AE86 which also isn’t anything special on paper, but somehow always interacted with me in a special way.  Sites, sounds and touches are much more important than weight distribution, output and tire size.

I’m sorry ST185H… you are the girlfriend that tried too hard.

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