Bye Bye History


I’m still not quite a Subaru guy, but I might be getting closer.  At the very least, a long history of rally makes for good porn.  Subaru is doing cool stuff in the present as well, even if they are no longer involved in WRC.  Check this 1.6L engine which may or may not find a home in the next generation WRX, or even the current BRZ.  EJ engines will soon be a thing of the past.  The FB16T (1.6L) is rumored to make as much torque as the STi’s current 2.5L, but from my perspective, I like the more compact placement of the turbocharger and a few of the consequences that come of that.

Maybe I  like engines that look ugly and complex after all… like some futuristic boso temperamental masterpiece that no one understands and only super geniuses dare wrench.

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