If You’re Going To Eat Banana… 5


…It had better be a real banana, and not a penis in a yellow coat.  I scored these on Yahoo.  I know that Wats aren’t the original banana spoke wheel, but they are certainly the best. No one else makes a 6.0kg 16 8J wheel. No one else got spoke shapes and lip steps this right. I know these aren’t the R-types that make fan boys go gaga, but I could only ask for so much given the minimum B-type offset.

I’m pretty excited to have them, even if they are by far the most expensive wheels I’ve ever bought. Watanabe’s have always been a favorite, but for the money I could never justify buying a set for my AE86. For kyusha fitment there are just far too many other 4×114.3 options. For Subaru’s and 5×100 though, not so much. This is essentially me giving up trying to find something unique and weird, and just buying my way out. I’ve never seen another set on a Subaru… which is cool. A couple people have told me it won’t look right, but the adage is that banana spokes look good on anything.

I have faith.

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5 thoughts on “If You’re Going To Eat Banana…

  • Paulcorolla

    Oh yes!!!!
    Wats on a wrx! I think it will look super cool, plus 16″ keeping a nice sidewall for all around driving!

  • GrantC

    I didn’t expect these to be 5×100! I have _never_ seen these in a Subaru fitment before.

    Seems like a good way to put your kuysha style on a WRX…

    Definitely not rally wheels though.

  • Q

    Will probably take some exterior mods and ride height changes for me to give it the mandatory post parking look back every time… but I’m down to try.

    Gonna stick with relatively narrow rubber as well to keep it fun on the asphalt. Star Specs again?