More Shoes


Just bought these on Yahoo.  Uninterested?  I’ll admit that they are not my most interesting find, but unlike my other Speedlines (Preo-R’s), these are not “tuner” wheels, but real competition wheels.  That’s not entirely relevant to me, except that it means that these are 15’s… 15’s that will clear my 4 pot brakes.

Fifteens are cool because they provide me a whole tonne of options for winter tires.  Real WRC spec 145 width skinnies? OK.  Tamer 185/65 15 DOT rubber with motorsport studs? Also OK.  With sixteens, the minimum width with studs was 205mm… so fifteens are a big upgrade for snow and ice use, even if they might look awkwardly small.

Now I just need to find a way to carry four shoes with carpet munching, paint gouging studs to and from the lake.  That probably means a terribly unfashionable roof rack…  One of those things that go on cars that have had their wings stripped, badges torn off and springs chopped in half.  Check, Check and Check.  I’ll probably get the fitment right too…  these are a whopping 6.5J +35!

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