Reduce, Re-use, Recycle 2


I did some cleaning over the weekend, and ran across a couple boxes of high school books etc. These were mixed in, and I had totally forgotten ever owning them. In fact, in response to some questions I had about fasteners, Carroll Smith’s books had been popping up both in Google and in conversation, so I had put them on my Christmas list. Despite being almost as old as I am, they are still apparently quite relevant.

Happy with my discovery, I put the kids to bed, mixed myself a tall glass of yellow and blue and sat down for some throwback reading.


It was all for not though. Less than one paragraph in, I re-discovered why they had been banished to that old cardboard box for the last two decades.

The plus side is… that they are just a little bit thicker than the old issues of DoriTen that I had stuffed underneath my freezer in an effort to level it.

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2 thoughts on “Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

  • Murray Peterson

    So is the problem with that highlighted statement? But that is what racing is all about — building a machine to the limit of the rules. They are all works of art, although some of them are butt ugly to the eye… 🙂

  • Q

    Yah. Obviously I’m being a terd about it… but if a car is ugly I want no part of it regardless of speed. And a lot of the time when wrenching I don’t care at all if the nuts and bolts never add up to anything that moves.