Rip, Torn. 2

First Drive 2016

The Lexus gets a flat tire, and I have no choice but to “unleash the beast” and load the trunk up with punctured Pirelli’s.  Car is tame… more so than the IS300… but the sight of it is enough to turn me on.  The smell too.  Yah my ZN6 with less than 10k km on it has another major oil leak.  The stock POS cam plate leak that took me 3 tries to resolve last year, doesn’t seem to cope well with sitting long periods of time, and as a result the car stinks horribly of burning Eos.

Since I don’t give a damn about mods now, I’ll just order myself a billet Nameless plate.

But wait… the 2016 SASC solo schedule dropped this week, and there are some special events with a purse? Funny how a trivial amount of cash can actually change everything. To CS or not to CS?

The dude at the tire shop actually asked about my car and tried to sell me on boost. Wanker… that’s probably the best reason yet not to mod.

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2 thoughts on “Rip, Torn.

  • Murray

    Personally, I would prefer that you get the billet cam plate and eliminate any oil leaks at our venues. Feel free to run in CS — I can’t image anyone in our local clubs protesting such a “mod”.

    Just keep the OEM one around in case you want to go to Packwood again.

  • Q Osborne Post author

    I’m happy to see you still here Murray. You make a good point… I don’t even think the plate is properly STX legal anyways.