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Ryan and I took a few moments recently to re-count some of our car life history.  The objective was to tabulate the number of cars he had owned and in what order.  Figuring it all out, took looking back through the archives of this website, including the final pre-wordpress version which I have stuck on the shelf at  For me, looking back through these archives was a somewhat humbling reminder of my roots.  I also remembered the personal tone that this website once had… when the only people who likely read it were myself and Ryan.


This personal tone is something that I’ve wanted to return to for a while, but have struggled with the execution.  Wife, kids, family, work colleagues, clients… readership has grown a fair bit.  Of course, it’s still just my private spot on the inter web, but professional motivations, and a need to maintain confidentiality about O.P.P. makes it a more quiet place than it once was.


For the last three years, it has my goal to be either wrenching, driving, or writing cars full time.  This has been a tremendous pleasure, but also a pretty big stretch at times.  In those three years, I have seen enough to make me believe that my goal is viable, but balancing big dreams with other commitments has taken its toll.  That, combined with a pretty dramatic economic plunge in my area, led me to pick up a soul sucking 9-5 this spring.  It’s been a heavy overload as I try to continue and expand other project at the same time.


And so, the FRS sees barely any action. gets minimal attention.  Other way more important things fall by the wayside.  I develop a wonderful dependence on the yellow and blue. がんばります!


But back to Ryan’s car total.  He’s been up to a fair bit since he backed away from this site, and I grew tired of keep track of everything on his behalf.  From his first AW11 to a current 996 Turbo, there are 43 projects.  My side of the equation shows little variety, and numbers that are much less dramatic.  31 cars total.  Thirteen ハチロク。Twenty トヨタ。I have little desire to add to those numbers at this point, although I’m sure that I will be soon.


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One thought on “So Dead In Here But…

  • randedge

    “led me to pick up a soul sucking 9-5 this spring. ”

    Says the guy who’s gone by 4 most days.