Buying In Bulk


My car is cared for and loved, but it has not necessarily had an easy life.  With a little more than 13000km on it now, it seems to only ever emerge from the garage for track events.  To and from these events, it sees no more than 3500rpm as I challenge myself to improve my gearbox work by keeping the revs between 2500-3500rpm at all times.  At the events of course… all self imposed rev-limits go in the garbage, and the ECU intervenes often instead.

At maybe 30 events so far, the car has had by my count, ten unique drivers.  Many of these showed a far gentler touch than me… but one will never drive the car again.

Between rock chips from highway cruising to events, and constant from bumper deformation from impacts at the events, the car is finally starting to show actual signs of usage.  In addition to checking fluids, fasteners and tires, on this car my post event routine includes replacing broken undertray pieces and missing plastic clips.  The box of 20 that I bought mid-season last year has now expired.

The question I ask myself is… do I buy another box? Or do I buy a proper splitter and lip that can take real use?


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